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Information about Neptun

Download student's manual:

Requesting eduID and setting password
Similarly to numerous electronic services of the University of Debrecen, you will need a network id to use Neptun. In case you already have a network id and a password then you can login to Neptun with them. In case you do not have a network id then go to https://eduid.unideb.hu, click on the link "EduID self registration with Neptun code". For creating your id you will need your Neptun code that you should have received from the department managing your administration issues. Currently the directory.unideb.hu is under construction. If you request the password change, you write an email to helpdesk@it.unideb.hu address.

This website is operated independently from the Neptun system, thus in case you have any problem with creating your network id then contact the operators at the heldesk@it.unideb.hu.

Login to Neptun
Here you should click on the Neptun-logo to the left side to access the login screen of Neptun, then you can change language. In case you want to change your password used for logging in to Neptun you can do that on the website mentioned above, at https://eduid.unideb.hu/unideb/eduid/selfservice/lostpassword.

Making payments via Neptun

"Payment obligations in HUF (retake exam fee or other administrative fees - transcript, late fees etc.) can be fulfilled through Neptun joint account. This is one bank account for all students of the university, the balances of individual students in the joint account are recorded by Neptun. Therefore, when you make a transfer to the joint account, it is very important to fill the comment field accurately (see below), because the amount will be added to your balance based on this. By transferring to the joint account, the payment obligation has not yet been fulfilled. Once the appropriate amount has been added to your balance, you must enter Neptun, select the items to be completed and make the payment. The transferred amount does not appear immediately on your Neptun balance. It may take 1 to 3 working days depending on your transfer is international or domestic, and when do you exactly start it. Therefore it is recommended to top up a smaller amount in advance, so that any unexpected and urgent payment obligation (e.g. retake exam fee) can be completed immediately. You can transfer the amount remaining on your Neptun balance at any time to your own bank account registered in Neptun. (This can only be a Hungarian bank account and you can only transfer back if you have no overdue debt.)"

Bank details of the Neptun joint account since 01.08.2021:

Account holder: University of Debrecen
Beneficiary address: 4032 Debrecen, Egyetem tér 1.
Account number: 11738008-21489901 (OTP Bank Nyrt.)
IBAN: HU04 1173 8008 2148 9901 0000 0000


In the transfers comment field you need to put your Neptun code (not your network id!) in NK-Neptun code format and your name! (e.g.: NK-AB1234 John Smith). Please write your Neptun code in upper case, and be careful not to change the following characters: O-0, I-1, Z-2, U-V, H-4 , etc. You should place money to your Neptun account at least 3 working days in advance, as it takes time to process your payment and credit to your student account. (Only if comment field is correct.)

If the transferred amount does not appear on your Neptun account within three working day, please write an email to the address below:
Your email should contain the following data: your name and Neptun code, date and amount of transfer, source bank account number.

Placing money to your Neptun account does not mean you made the necessary payments! You should fulfill your payment obligations under the „Finances” menu. (More details: neptun.unideb.hu , Login, Student, "Letölthető dokumentumok", paying_via_neptun-1_2021-08-02.pdf )