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Information about Neptun

Download student's manual:

Requesting network-id and setting password
Similarly to numerous electronic services of the University of Debrecen, you will need a network id to use Neptun. In case you already have a network id and a password then you can login to Neptun with them. In case you do not have a network id then go to https://directory.unideb.hu/adataim/, click on the link "I do not have a network id...". For creating your id you will need your Neptun code that you should have received from the department managing your administration issues. Currently the directory.unideb.hu is under construction. If you request the password change, you write an email to helpdesk@it.unideb.hu address.

This website is operated independently from the Neptun system, thus in case you have any problem with creating your network id then contact the operators at the network-id@net.unideb.hu.

Login to Neptun
Here you should click on the Neptun-logo to the left side to access the login screen of Neptun, then you can change language. In case you want to change your password used for logging in to Neptun you can do that on the website mentioned above, at https://directory.unideb.hu/adataim/.